Week 5 Updates

Yesterday I was officially 5 weeks out from surgery. I began eating soft foods a couple of weeks ago and solid foods last weekend. In the last week, I have been told contradictory information from my doctors, therapist and dietary team and from people who have had the surgery. My eating guidelines from my team have been 1/4 cup of protein and 1/4 cup of vegetables or fruits. I usually have more protein than fruits and veggies, but I’ve been pretty good on sticking with that plan. People who have had the surgery claim I am doing everything wrong by including fruits and veggies and not watching my carb intake.

I was on weight loss stall for 3 weeks that finally broke on Sunday. When you have the surgery and end up staying the same weight for a long period of time, you question everything that you are doing. I must be failing if I’m not losing weight. I’m going to stay at this weight forever because I didn’t utilize my new tool properly. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, try not to doubt yourself. Keep doing what you have been doing, even if people who claim they are more knowledgeable because they’ve had the surgery tell you to do something different. I’m sure carb counting works for some people, but with my history of obsessive behavior and an eating disorder, it is not in my best interest to worry about that. I will lose the weight by doing what I am supposed to: eating protein, then fruits or veggies. The days I did limit my carb intake I honestly felt pretty horrible. I was weak. Every time I stood up, I got light headed. With my job in a library that requires I monitor a large machine, that would not end well if I ended up passing out.

As of today, I am down 20 pounds since surgery and my total weight loss is 125 pounds.


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