Product Discovery

After this week’s therapy appointment, I decided to make a stop at Aldi to pick up a few things. I had some recipe ideas that I wanted to make, including makeshift personal pizzas (which is 2 or more meals for me now). I came across packages of flatbread that I thought would make a really good crust for my pizzas.  The product is called Fit & Active: Multi-Grain Flatbread with Flax. That night I decided to make a flatbread pizza with the usual sauce and cheese and for toppings I chose pepperoni and spinach. Probably an odd combination, but I wanted some form of vegetable included and that’s what was handy. I baked the pizza at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes but it probably could have been in there less time. I was quite shocked that I actually really like the flatbread. When I had pizza before, the crust was never something I enjoyed, but I found this flatbread to be pleasing. I might try making chips with them too because I am a chip and dip fiend.




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