April Update

Life has been keeping me busy, preventing me from updating this blog regularly. I had my 2 month post-op appointment a few weeks ago and my dietitian wanted me to start working toward getting back to my pre-surgery exercise plan, which was going for a walk 4 to 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. This week I went for a walk 3 times while at work and 1 time on my weekend. So my total hours of working out was a little over 3, which is pretty good.

On Monday I tried going running for the first time in over a decade. I haven’t been able to do it until now (although even now I’m still struggling) because I needed compression garments to keep body movement to a minimum and I did buy a couple of pants that have worked well. I used to run fairly regularly in high school and I’m about 50 pounds away from being the weight I was in high school, so not only am I 15 years older, I’m still 50 pounds heavier than I was the last time I ran. When I went on Monday, I was only able to run for a couple of minutes every 15 minutes or so. I would have ran more frequently than every 15 minutes, but I kept passing by people and I was embarrassed and refused to run in front of anyone.  The main reason I have been trying to run again is because when I go for walks, my heart rate doesn’t get high enough to be considered at cardio level. Since surgery my resting heart rate went from 65 beats per minute to 49 beats per minute (according to my FitBit), so while that is awesome, it is also very frustrating when it comes to exercising. There are only so many hills I can climb in a state that is known for its prairies before I have to find a new way to get my heart rate up.

When it comes to food, there hasn’t been anything that I have had to avoid because my stomach didn’t like it. I only recently started introducing beef back into my diet, but I’ve found that is the one thing that I’m having the most difficulty with. I’m able to eat it and feel mostly fine, but with beef, I feel some discomfort that I don’t have with other meats. I’ve read that beef is one of the last things to bring back into the diet because so many people have problems with it. I guess if I’m going to have some form of a complication, it’s good that it is only with a food that isn’t that great for me to eat in the first place.

I did my measurements earlier this week and I’m down another 4 inches overall and I’m also down a total of 140 pounds. I have 80 more to go to get to my ultimate goal weight, but again, as I get closer, I anticipate I will be amending that goal.


One thought on “April Update

  1. I went through the same thing last summer: not being able to get my heart rate up during walks. I spent $25-30 on a weighted vest (I got the “Tone Fitness” 12 lb vest from amazon but Wal-Mart and others sell it too). It immediately made the walks feel more challenging. I’d sometimes carry a pair of 2lb dumbbells in my hands, too, and that definitely gets your HR up too. Just an idea if you’re not comfortable running yet! I wasn’t for a long while either!!

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