Nine Month Check-in

My nine month post-op check-in was this afternoon. The last time I had an appointment was July 10th. My weight then was 233, my weight today was 214. While my weight loss has significantly slowed the last 3 months, I’m pretty okay with that. My nutritionist said that most people lose about a pound a month after they get to the 9 month point, but since I’ve been running 4 times a week, she believes I could still lose 3-4 pounds a month. At 18 months post-op, most people hit their lowest weight. I’m 24 pounds away from my amended goal weight of 190, so it is very possible that I will reach it at some point in the future.

I signed up for my first 5K since I was 14. This will be the second 5K I have ever done and it is on Thanksgiving. When I run, I do at least 3 miles every time, so running the 5K will likely not be a huge problem for me. My sister and brother-in-law are running it too, so it’s almost a family. 😉

My life has changed a lot in the last year and I’m learning the quirks of my body that I never noticed before, like how I crave chocolate when I have PMS, or that I actually experience PMS now. Before surgery my period was very, very irregular (think once a year or even once every two years). Nowadays I can tell when I’m going to get it just by how I’m feeling. I get cramps now and that never happened before. I’m not happy about that, but now I know what other women are talking about when they say how painful cramps are. I was craving sweets like a mad woman two weeks ago and I was panicking because I thought my eating disorder was getting out of control. No, I was just experiencing PMS. I’m basically a teenager going through puberty again.

There isn’t much else to report. Things are going well. I still miss my cat like crazy and I cried about her while I was running today, but that’s okay. I loved her (and of course still do) and I’ll always miss her, but her death isn’t preventing me from living, so if I cry while I’m running, it’s not a huge deal.

Weight: 214
Total Loss: 186
Pounds until Goal: 24


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